Terms and conditions of delivery

Shipping and returns: 

Orders will be sent through shipping companies.
All orders placed before 11:00 will be issued the same day and delivered, depending on destination, a minimum of 72 hours later.

Privacy policy:

All personal data will only be used by Los Vagabundos.


Los Vagabundos accepts exchanges on the seven (7) consecutive days, after the day on which the order is processed, as long as the product remains intact.
In case the product sought for exchange is not available, a Gift Card worth equivalent to the original product will be generated.

The product must be returned complete, as supplied and together with all documentation received, specifically the following documents: proof of delivery of the carrier and its invoice.
The label can not be removed and the product can not be used. Otherwise, the exchange will be canceled.

The order and the documents mentioned above must be sent to the following address:

Praceta Maria Luísa Canavarro, 16 | 4445-416 - Ermesinde


Payment is made by credit card or Entity + Reference and processed by partner companies Paypal and Hipay.

These Terms and Conditions are strictly applicable to Los Vagabundos and are protected by Copyright.

Copying or reproduction in any store or service not authorized by Los Vagabundos is subject to legal evaluation and consequent lawsuits.